Always an idea beyond. expertise
in water treatment by ingenuity

At JUDO tradition meets innovation

since 1936.

JUDO has been a pioneer in the field of water treatment for over 80 years. The success concept of our family business: investing in the future, being dynamic, looking for new ways – while remaining true to our southern German, called Swabian, roots. We regularly introduce solutions to the international market that have a major impact on our industry.

Our vision:

Water in perfection

As a southern German family owned business, values such as reliability, awareness of tradition and partnership are particularly important to us. You are at the centre of all our actions. Our customer. We have made it our business to ensure your satisfaction. As part of the JUDO family, you benefit from our many years of experience, our deep understanding of the plumbing and HVAC sector and the reliability and know-how of an international, innovative and renowned specialist in water treatment.

Another important factor that defines JUDO as a company is our ingenuity . Just after the company opened, back in 1936, Julius Dopslaff registered his very first patent. Today we look back on a long history of JUDO inventions that have helped shape the development of the water treatment industry worldwide. Our past success has also heightened our vision for the future. Our aim is it to advance the water treatment industry with new products and technologies, increased technical efficiency and optimised user-friendliy solutions.

1023597 – is the number of the first patent granted to JUDO. It protected a “mixing device for different liquids or liquids with gases”. In our words: the vaccination bee.

The beginning of the JUDO’s success story.

Our values: honest, responsible, innovative.

In short: Swabian.

We are a family business – and that is exactly what we promise our employees and society.

Our company follows the highest performance and quality standards. This also applies to our highly trained employees, who with their know-how ensure the best service. As a company, social responsibility is also important to us. Furthermore, openness, reliability and transparency play a decisive role – not only in internal communication but also with you, the client.

We take responsibility – because water is our greatest asset.

Earth’s surface consists of more than 70 percent water. Global water resources add up to around 1.4 billion cubic kilometres. However, most of this is salt water – and only about 2.5 percent is fresh water. Out of that, only about 213,000 cubic kilometres are accessible to humanity. This water can be found in lakes or rivers, for example. This makes drinking water one of the most valuable resources of all. For us, this is reason enough to spend a great deal of time on it. Closely related to this is also the protection of the environment, which is a top priority at every step of JUDO’s business activities.

We are pioneers – always one step ahead with innovations.

Our developments have always not only had a significant impact on our company, but have also helped shape the market. We create room for new ideas through an atmosphere of creative freedom, and we see every criticism as an opportunity to do something better. This is an important aspect that distinguishes and drives us as innovators.

Our locations

Where we are at home


Head office

Our headquarters, with the Administration and the Central Repair Department is located in Winnenden near Stuttgart.

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Just a stone’s throw away from our headquarters is the JULIUS DOPSLAFF Campus, our seminar centre. The building also houses our Customer Service, the Technical Centre and the Baden-Württemberg Sales Office.

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Our products are manufactured in Germany – at our central production site in Backnang-Waldrems. Our Development Team has an electronics laboratory, a water-chemical laboratory, numerous test rigs and benches there, which can be converted to the most diverse requirements and measuring methods within a very short time.

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From Winnenden into the world

Our branches

JUDO Branch office Vienna in Austria
Branch office Vienna / Austria

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Branch office Basel / Switzerland
Branch office Basel / Switzerland

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JUDO Branch office Strasbourg in France
Branch office Strasbourg / France

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76 Rue de la Plaine des Bouchers
67100 Strasbourg
Phone +33 388 659394

JUDO Branch office in Brussels in Belgium
Branch office Brussels / Belgium

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Laerbeeklaan 72 A1
10902 Brussels
Phone +32 2460 1288

JUDO Branch office Toronto in Canada
Branch office Toronto / Canada

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240 Lesmill Road
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M3B 2T5
Telephone: (416) 441-1556 (Toronto)
Toll-Free Canada/USA: (866) 451-5836

And with our distribution partners we are represented in over 50 countries around the world.

Our quality standards

Deutschlands Innovationsführer

The study “Germany’s Innovation Leaders” was carried out by Prognos on behalf of the F.A.Z. Institute in cooperation with the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research.
The study confirms the innovative power and innovative leadership of a company. A total of 33,000 German companies were examined. 3,500 of them received the award.


The DVGW, the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water, has been setting the technical standards for safe and reliable gas and water supply for more than 150 years. Its quality tests focus on safety, hygiene and environmental safety. With a DVGW certification, product manufacturers document to their customers and market partners that “the state of the art” has been maintained. The DVGW certification mark stands for this.

Qualitätsmanagement ISO 9001 DEKRA

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is, nationally and internationally, the most widespread and most important standard in quality management. With the ISO 9001 certification we document that our quality management meets its high requirements – and is continuously developed further based on these requirements.

Plus X Award

The Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle – with an international and independent jury of experts from 25 industries, 23 competent partners and a marketing investment of over 25 million euros.

Zertifizierter Hersteller ZVSHK

The ZVSHK quality mark: orientation and safety for the plumbing and HVAC trade.
The ZVSHK awards the title “Certified Manufacturer – Quality, Safety, Service” , in a transparent procedure, to manufacturers who provide the best possible support to the operational processes of the plumbing and HVAC specialist company. Among other things, the certification process focusses on high product quality, comprehensive service offers and investment in research and development.


The SVGW, the Swiss Gas and Water Association, tests and certifies products in the gas and water sector, ensuring that appliances and materials comply with the current state of the art in terms of quality, safety and performance. The SVGW certification is granted for system components of drinking water installations, such as fittings, equipment and piping materials.


The CSA, the Canadian Standards Association, is an independent non-profit organization with offices in 14 countries. CSA develops and maintains more than 3,000 standards and regulations related to safety, design and performance. Various organizations, such as the American National Standards Institute, have recognized the CSA as an official testing and certification institute.

product design award

The iF design awards are among the most important international design competitions. The iF logo, which honours the winners of the competition, has become a globally recognized trademark for outstanding design. It serves as a guide for those interested in design in the worldwide marketplaces.

Attestation de Conformite Sanitaire

ACS stands for “Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire”. This set of regulations issued by the French authorities sets precise standards for the use of materials that come into contact with drinking water. With the corresponding certification, manufacturers document that their products meet these strict requirements.


The WaterMark certificate is the seal of approval for products in the drinking water and wastewater sector in Australia and New Zealand. It confirms that a product meets the requirements of the ABCB and is approved for use.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is the responsible standardisation institute for developing and maintaining the so-called National Construction Code – the binding set of rules for construction and installation technology.


PZH is an institute that certifies that the products do not harm health or the environment when used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The PZH Hygiene Certificate is a very important distinction for manufacturers in the field of water treatment.


The GOST certificate is the official confirmation that the products meet the national Russian quality and safety requirements.


With the CE seal, the manufacturer declares, in accordance with EU Regulation 765/2008, that his product meets the requirements established in the Community harmonisation legislation in its annex. The CE mark was created to provide end users with safe products within the 30 member states of the European Economic Area.


The Belgaqua certificate is awarded by the Belgian Association of the Water Industry to products and materials that meet the requirements for contact with drinking water.