Dosing solution

JKL 40, combination based on molybdate, low molecular phosphonecarboxylates, polyelectrolytes and non-ferrous metal inhibitors.

Field of application: Closed and semi-open cooling circuits.

Effect: Corrosion inhibition, hardness stabilization and dispersion.

Dosage: Approx. 2.000 – 3.000 ml/m³ system content or make-up water.

Proof: At least 150 mg/l molybdate (measuring set JTH-ML) in the circulating water.

Scope of delivery:

Available in the container sizes 25 and 60 litres.

Order number


8660001JKL 40, 25 litre container
8660002JKL 40, 60 litre container


JUDO JTH-ML measuring set
Suitable for JQD-L, JTH-L and JKL 40. Required molybdate content at least 150 mg/l. Measurements approx. 30 pieces.
Order number 8742170

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