JUDO JZA 100 - 200

Centrifugal separator

JZA 100 – 200 Centrifugal separator, for water up to 30 °C, operating pressure max. 10 bar, water flow/function range 64 – 380 m³/h.

Used in water contaminated with solids to separate solid particles via the difference in density between the substances to be separated and the water to be cleaned, as an ideal pre-treatment before backwash protective filters to extend the service life and backwash intervals.

Product benefits:

  • Efficient separation of solid particles

    due to the difference in density between the substances to be separated and the water to be purified.

  • Ideal as pretreatment before backwash protective filters

    to extend service life and backwash intervals

  • Low maintenance

    no moving wear parts

  • Cost-saving

    no sieves or other filter material

  • Practical

    without interruption of the water supply during backwashing

  • Highly effecitve

    due to periodic blowdown of the separated substances.

  • Uncomplicated

    optionally with automatic blowdown unit

  • Simple integration into existing lines

Scope of delivery:

Centrifugal separator as a compact, closed functional unit with side inlet and front outlet. Material Steel St. 37, painted, PN 10.


Prerequisite for the function:

Continuous flow at 70 – 100 % of the maximum flow rate.
Requires control air or control water of 5.5 – 7 bar when using the automatic purging unit.


Stainless steel versions on request.

Expert advice required!

Order number


8360453JZA 100
8360454JZA 125
8360455JZA 150
8360456JZA 200


JUDO Automatic blowdown unit JAE 40 (for JZA 100 – 200)
For time-controlled blowdown of the sedimentation chamber, consisting of diaphragm valve, spring closed, pilot valve with built in timer circuit, 230 V/50 Hz, opening time 0 – 30 sec., 1½”, control air or water with 5.5 – 7 bar required.
Order number 8360458

The typical field of application of a centrifugal separator are:

  • Well water with increased sand content,
  • as pre-filter before a water heat pump with the same problem,
  • sprinkler systems,
  • particle-contaminated circulation water.

Note: Expert advice is always required.

Yes, fill a bottle (approx. 1 liter) with the water to be tested. Now shake the bottle.

The particles, which have now settled within 2 - 3 minutes, are usually retained by a centrifugal separator.

There must be a continuous, as constant as possible, extraction for at least 10 minutes without interruption and a flow rate between 70 and 100 % of the maximum flow rate.

The centrifugal separator is not suitable for single water supply with typical intermittent domestic water withdrawal.

The water must be free of iron and manganese and have a drinking water salt content. It must not contain fibres, leaves etc. or pasty impurities (no surface water).

The water to be filtered is fed into the separator from the side so that the water rotates in the centrifugal separator. As in the chain carousel, the heavy particles are forced outwards by centrifugal forces.

Since the water is removed in the middle, there are no heavy particles left. The separated particles end up in a chamber from which they are regularly rinsed out either manually or via a timer-controlled valve.

For the separation of solid particles (above a certain size), such as sand and rust, which are significantly heavier than water (higher density).

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