The new softener i-soft PRO

The JUDO innovation on the water softening market

JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH from Winnenden presents the i-soft PRO, the pinnacle of JUDO water softening. With the fully automatic softening system, users not only get soft water of their choice, but also a solution in which intuitive operation, functionality and cutting-edge design are all combined in a single unit.

Tailored water for one to five residential units – is precisely what the new JUDO i-soft PRO softening system, which has won design awards – including the IF Design Award – delivers. Compact, as a floor-standing system, with a specially developed user experience (UX) and extended intelligent functions. One of these is the creation of individual application tailored water scenarios: Doing laundry, watering the garden or enjoying a feel-good shower – just as diverse as the situations in everyday life are, it is also clear that there is no one optimum water hardness for all applications. That’s why JUDO offers tailored water scenes. The user can choose from a total of eight preset tailored water application scenarios. If required, the i-soft PRO can easily be expanded and customized scenarios can be created, thus offering even more personal convenience in everyday use.

The softener is also designed to make interaction between the user and the system child’s play. The particularly simple and intuitive user interface turns operating the softener into a positive experience. For example, when the user approaches, the MSID-Mega Status Indication Display with Wake-Up Sensor on the front of the unit automatically switches on. It independently displays the operating status, warning and fault messages, a water flow rate, and the current measured salt level when approached.

JUDO has also developed a new UX concept. For example, with the quick-start mode, the system can be completely installed in just a few clicks. The entire menu navigation is designed to be particularly intuitive. The floor-standing cabinet offers an optimum operating height, while the display is slanted to ensure excellent readability. The soft-close bin cover also ensures easy handling. The system can also be controlled via the JU-Control app using a smartphone, tablet or web browser. Via the app, the user can change the tailored water quality, control important functions and retrieve information anywhere and at any time. In addition, the softener features API (Application Programming Interface). This allows them to be integrated into a local smart home system.

The i-soft PRO has integrated leakage protection including seepage detection, providing extra safety. The system detects low water consumption and simply shuts off the line if the worst comes to the worst. The optionally available floor sensors provide additional safety by detecting wetness on the floor and then triggering the closing of the water stop integrated in the leakage protection. The safety module is integrated as standard in the i-soft PRO. It additionally contains an emergency power supply that maintains all important system functions for several hours in the event of a power failure. The micro-leakage protection and leakage sensors connected also remain fully functional.

In terms of energy and salt consumption, the i-soft PRO opens completely new possibilities. Thanks to the patented i-salt management, the system uses weight sensors and complex algorithms to record the exact amount of salt and precisely determine the brine concentration. Together with ongoing measurement, adaptive capacity control is made possible. This is done by evaluating consumption habits and controlling the amount of brine used. The capacity is automatically increased or reduced depending on actual water consumption to achieve optimal intervals between two regenerations. The user benefits from optimized salt consumption as well as intelligent and flexible regeneration. The AI-controlled softening system independently evaluates the water consumption and can adjust the regulation of the regeneration time. At the same time using only exactly as much regeneration agent and rinsing water as the incoming, measured water quality actually requires. Another plus: the digital operating log. Important consumption values are stored and can be retrieved via USB for documentation purposes.



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