JUDO Smart Finder

The intelligent product and solution finder

The JUDO Smart Finder guides you quickly and safely through the stages of planning – from retrieving all the important data to the customized solution for water treatment. This means that planners or contractors in the sanitary trade are always optimally prepared for their sales talk or the preparation of offers, for example when selecting a softening system.

The JUDO Smart Finder offers on the one hand a general step-by-step selection – for different areas of application, where the customer can select his requirements in relation to his water treatment solution. Initial choices include the hardness range of the raw water, the existing piping material and the number of residential units to be supplied. After specifying the problem and the customer’s requirements, there is the option of selecting from various performance/price classes: The result is a detailed product recommendation with detailed information on installation and references to the relevant standards.

Additionally, a targeted product search is also possible – to start with, specifically for the areas of filters and softening, among others. Here, too, the solution is based on the customer’s individual needs. The solution, which the Smart Finder creates independently, is thus precisely tailored to the respective requirements of each individual customer. Another advantage is that the entire planning can be easily sent by e-mail. The JUDO Smart Finder can be used conveniently via all common web browsers.


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