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JUDO supports nationwide initiative “Zeit zu starten” as sponsor

The SHK trade’s nationwide initiative for young people, “Zeit zu starten” is entering its next phase this year. The campaign specifically targets schoolchildren and young people and aims to inspire them to choose one of the many fields of the SHK trade as a career with the help of advertising and information material. JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH is one of the sponsors and thus supports not only young talents but also its specialist trade partners at the same time.

Whether plant mechanic, furnace and air heating installer, plumber or tank and apparatus builder – the career opportunities in the SHK field are versatile and exciting. In order to bring the individual occupational fields closer to the next generation and to get young people excited about a job in this segment, the ZVSHK, together with 17 state associations, has launched the “Zeit zu starten” initiative. JUDO Water Treatment is supporting the campaign as a sponsor. “We are not only committed to providing our specialist partners with young talent. Promoting young talent plays a major role in our company,” explains Kathrin Reggi-Dopslaff, managing partner of JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH. “We ourselves train several apprentices in different areas with us every year and place great emphasis on talent development.”

The JUDO training program also includes a seminar entitled “Seminar Meisterschule SHK – JUDO unterstützt den Nachwuchs.” In this half-day professional seminar, JUDO training experts teach young talents from the master schools about drinking water and heating water treatment. The participants learn the most important details about the processes in the areas of drinking water and heating in a practice-oriented manner and directly from the manufacturer and receive information about the latest regulations (aaRdT). They will also learn about the most important laws and regulations that need to be observed in these areas.
Just recently, JUDO also built an exhibition wall with the JUDO innovations for a commercial school for installation and metal construction technology in Stuttgart. In the future, this will be used directly on site in the classroom and will demonstrate the individual technical components even more impressively and accessibly.

“As a manufacturer, we support the initiative of the central association in order to inspire more young people to take up a varied profession in the SHK industry and thus actively counteract the shortage of skilled workers,” Kathrin Reggi-Dopslaff sums up.

More information about the campaign can be found here.

JUDO supports the young talent initiative
“Zeit zu starten” as a sponsor.

Kathrin Reggi-Dopslaff

Kathrin Reggi-Dopslaff, Managing Partner of JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH.


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