Soft water for up to 20 residential units


The JUDO softening systems of the SOFTwell series in the appealing JUDO design score above all with their enormous performance and size variability for up to 20 residential units. JUDO is now rounding off its existing product portfolio with the performance giant among the softening systems, the SOFTwell MEGA 6. Thanks to the new connection technology, the system can be installed in a particularly space-saving and flexible manner.

In order to be able to serve larger residential complexes with up to 20 units with just one softening system, JUDO has further developed its SOFTwell softener series with the SOFTwell MEGA 6. The system is designed as a triplex system and operates with softener columns working in parallel. This mode of operation is optimal when it comes to convenience, reliability, hygiene and economy. An important advantage is that users have access to soft water around the clock, even for larger withdrawal quantities. Especially when it comes to hygiene, the JUDO devices have a lot to offer: operation without standing water, forced-flow softener columns, small amounts of high-performance resin, optimized regeneration intervals and automatic hygienization. The SOFTwell MEGA 6 softener has separate salt/brine tanks. The lance technology ensures service-friendly installation and maintenance, as well as easy accessibility for cleaning and salt filling.

The softening plant has particularly large power reserves thanks to the total of three x two softener columns. Thanks to the new connection technology, the softeners with several individual units can be arranged in an even more space-saving way than before.

The system can be optionally equipped with the JUDO Connectivity Module – LAN connection included. This allows the softener to communicate with the smartphone, tablet or web browser via the JU-Control app and informs the user about all important operating data – for example, salt supply, pending maintenance, malfunctions or regenerations. Another advantage is the signal display with traffic light function. It uses different colours to indicate from a distance which operating status the system is currently in.

The SOFTwell series also offers other models for every application and property size: available as a split system SOFTwell P or as a floor-standing compact version SOFTwell K for 1 to 4 residential units, as well as the SOFTwell MEGA 4 for up to 12 residential units.

The SOFTwell series is distinguished by another quality feature: The DVGW certificate. With a DVGW certification, it is documented by an independent body that the “generally accepted rules of technology” have been complied with.

The SOFTwell MEGA 6 softening system provides soft water for up to 20 residential units and can be arranged in a particularly space-saving way thanks to the new connection technology.

With its “Certified Manufacturer – Quality, Safety, Service” award, the ZVSHK uses a transparent procedure to recognize manufacturers that provide the best possible support for the operational processes of the Sanitary and HVAC specialist company.





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