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Extensive product offer for the industrial and building technology

JUDO at IFAT 2022

JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH will be presenting its comprehensive range of water treatment products in Munich at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for water, wastewater, waste and raw materials management (May 30th – June 3rd, 2022). This ranges from systems for drinking and cooling water treatment to smart products for heating and process water. In addition to the proven portfolio, JUDO offers tailor-made plant technology for almost every application, consisting of well-known JUDO elements, but which, with know-how and expertise, becomes a new, individual, overall solution for the industrial partner.
For instance, trade show visitors can learn about the JOS 380 G-S reverse osmosis system, which provides up to 360 cubic meters of desalinated, pure water in 24 hours. In addition, JUDO will also be presenting the particularly compact JOS 65 G-S reverse osmosis system at the trade fair.

JUDO will be presenting the JOS 65 G-S reverse osmosis system, among others, at IFAT in Munich.

As an expert in water treatment, JUDO offers a broadly-positioned, technologically-sophisticated product range for special requirements – not only in terms of domestic water technology, but also in terms of industrial and building technology. At IFAT, visitors will be able to experience a selection of JUDO’s wide range of products. Among other things, the focus of the trade fair presentation in Munich will be on the particularly compact JOS 65G reverse osmosis system for desalination with the highest retention rates, optimum yield and low space requirements. The 350 kilogram plant delivers up to 3,750 litres of treated water per hour. The plant is dust and splash-proof and its compact design makes it particularly space-saving. It can be used wherever demineralized water is required and little space is available.

Thanks to its compact design, the system can be installed in a particularly space-saving manner.

The JUDO JOS 380 G-S reverse osmosis system is suitable for even greater water requirements. It runs fully automatically, is particularly quiet due to the stainless steel high-pressure centrifugal pump, and is designed for high operational reliability and a long service life.
JUDO reverse osmosis plants are preferably used where continuously desalinated water is required. The main areas of application: steam boiler, cooling and air-conditioning technology, beverage and food production, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, industrial kitchens, rinsing water for surface finishing and washing plants, casting water for horticulture, and brackish and seawater desalination. In short: wherever special requirements are placed on water quality.

Another highlight at the JUDO booth will be the modular SOFTwell and i-soft series water softening systems, which are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The latter have the advantage, thanks to their intelligent water management, to consistently deliver the desired soft water quality even when raw-water hardness fluctuates. JUDO has systems for up to 200 residential units in its range.

JUDO at IFAT 2022: Hall B2 Booth 238

On the other hand, JUDO’s softening plants – for example, those of the i-soft series – are suitable for water softening. They consistently deliver the desired water quality – even when the hardness of the raw water varies. Thanks to innovative flange technology, the new i-soft TGA 7.5 is particularly space-saving and flexible.

JUDO supplies the right system for every requirement. For example, the JOS 720 G-S reverse osmosis system.

The JOS 720 G-S system is a custom-made product that was manufactured exactly according to the needs and specifications of an automobile manufacturer. “In 24 hours, the plant can provide 720 cubic meters of treated water for the recooler” explains Mark Jungmann, Team Leader Technical Order Processing IGT at JUDO.


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