What advantages does soft water offer? When is it advisable to soften water?

Lime stains on tiles, fittings and glass shower partitions indicate: you have hard water. Softening is recommended if your water has a hardness of approx. 16 °dH or more. Because from this value on, your pipes are also at risk. Calcifications and constrictions can occur, which in extreme cases can even completely block pipes. And that can be really expensive. Softened water protects you from this.

But soft water has many more advantages: Coffee and tea taste more aromatic. You need less detergent and cleaning agents. Your laundry becomes fluffy soft. And above all, you do something good for yourself: soft water gives you an incomparable feelin gon the skin. It counteracts redness and irritation. It ensures that your hair shines more and is easier to style. In short: It turns every shower into a small wellness treatment.

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