There is a filter in my house, but it is never changed, serviced or backwashed. What’s next?

A very unhygienic matter – especially when you consider that water is our most important foodstuff. Dirty filters provide an ideal environment for life for dangerous germs. They can even pose a health threat under certain circumstances. You can backwash a backwash protective filter yourself. If it is a cartridge filter, you should ensure that the filter insert is replaced.

If you live in rented accommodation, it is best to contact your landlady. She can tell you what type of filter is installed and whether you can backwash it yourself if necessary. You should backwash the filter at least every six months. This interval is provided for by the standard EN 806-5, A. JUDO recommends to clean protective filters by backwashing every two months.

According to the standard, the filter cartridge of a replaceable filter should be replaced at least every six months. If your landlord cannot provide information on this, you should contact a local sanitary installer. He will be happy to advise you – even if you are a homeowner yourself, of course.

A tip: For apartment buildings, it is recommended that you have an automatic backwash protective filter installed. Such a filter cleans itself. It is therefore the best choice in houses where nobody feels responsible for the drinking water installation.

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