I would like to use well water as drinking water. Is that possible? And is it worth it?

Well water can certainly have drinking water quality. In our experience, however, most well water cannot be used without further ado. Typical deviations from the limit values of the drinking water ordinance are found in the parameters iron, manganese, nitrate, pH-value as well as residues from agriculture or germ contamination.

In principle, however, almost any water can be treated in such a way that it complies with the drinking water ordinance. For this purpose, we offer you high-quality devices and components, from fixed bed filters to nitrate reduction systems, UV sterilisation and ultrafiltration to desalination systems. However, under certain circumstances, the cost and effort involved can be very high, so that decisions may also have to be made on the basis of economic considerations. Especially if the water is only to be used for washing cars or flushing toilets, for example.

A complete water analysis and complete information about your well installation are indispensable for a design of the required treatment and estimation of the investment costs. A consultation with a specialist is mandatory. Our experts are at your disposal.

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