How does mineral dosage work?

Depending on the application, different mineral solutions can be used, which are added to the drinking water in very small quantities with an appropriate dosing pump. The dosing pump reacts precisely to each water movement. Even at the lowest water flow an exact and even addition is achieved. The dosing pump achieves this through its electronic control system, which automatically monitors all operating processes and switches the unit off automatically in the event of a malfunction.

Minerals used to combat rust and brown water form a firmly adhering protective layer on the inside of the water pipes. Corrosion is thus prevented. Corrosion protection dosing is a recognised procedure in the current state of the art. Expensive damage caused by rust formation is effectively prevented – the water gradually becomes clearer.

Other minerals serve to stabilise lime. This means: they ensure that lime contained in water cannot settle. This means, pipes’ and heat exchangers’ surfaces are optimally protected.

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