On the road to success for 85 years

Boiler cleaning – a difficult and unpopular job. And at the same time the foundation for today’s JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH. Because in 1936, Julius Dopslaff, a senior engineer in the sanitary and heating industry in Düsseldorf, started his own business doing exactly this kind of work. At that time, there were many calcified steam boilers that had to be boiled out with acid. A necessary task, therefore, which Julius Dopslaff was able to expand after only a short time thanks to new ideas and patents. The once small company thus grew into today’s internationally successful JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH.

This year, the company, which has been based in Winnenden since the end of the Second World War, can proudly look back on a 85 years of company history. 85 years in which the water treatment provider has helped shape and advance the industry with new concepts and systems. For example, with the invention 1952 of the “Impfbiene”, the first fine dosing system , the first backwash protection filter JRSF or also the world’s first intelligent, fully automatic softening unit i-soft. Just this year at the ISH digital, JUDO presented the i-soft softeners series,the QC filters series and presented the new i-dos eco dosing pump – in a new design and with supplementary functions.

“We are very proud of the development of our company and look forward to the future with excitement,” emphasizes the management. Due to the pandemic, the anniversary celebration had to be cancelled this year, but this does not dim the prospects for the coming year. Because JUDO has also planned several innovations for 2022. Customers and partners can look forward th the novelties.

Firmengründer Oberingenieur Julius Dopslaff
Julius Dopslaff founded the company in 1936. Today – 85 years later – JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH is successful internationally.
Impfbiene aus dem Jahr 1951
The breakthrough came in 1952 with the world’s first fine dosing device, the “Impfbiene”. For the first time, the device enabled proportional dosing without over- or under-concentration.
The current managing directors of JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH: Kathrin Reggi-Dopslaff with Hartmut Dopslaff look back on 85 years of company history.

JUDO introduced new products: The JUDO Premium Backwash Protective Filters and Domestic Water Stations PROFI- and PROMI-QC have been available in a new JUDO design since spring.

Also new this year: the i-soft SAFE+ softening unit. In addition to a user-friendly display, it also offers a new feature: micro-leakage detection with a new type of flow measurement.

The sustainable dosing pump JUDO i-dos eco with refill option.

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